Robotics & Automation Applications

We believe, technology is only a means to solve real problems. We need to apply fundamental science concepts with help of latest technology. Today technologies like IoT, Robotics, 3D Printing and Data Science have impacted our everyday life through many applications. All our courses are integrated with this philosophy.

Technology evolution is as fast as one can imagine. Traditional jobs and repetitive task are being fast replaced by Robots.

Today’s students can’t afford to ignore their future & knowledge on how machines and technology will evolve. They need to prepare fast on knowledge and technology demands of future.

Industrial robots perform specific repetitive tasks such assembly, soldering or painting parts in automobile manufacturing plants. Due to improvement of sensors and surgical devices, robots are increasingly used in high-precision surgery performed on human body parts.

This course will enable them to connect fundamental concepts in Mathematics and Physics to real life applications



  • Students will learn to apply laws of Physics, Mathematics, Pneumatics, Kinetic and Potential energy to real life applications
  • Students will learn postulating theories and proving them
  • Students would be able to build simple robotics solution for real life problem



  • Students are going to develop simple robotics applications using laws of Physics – Force, torque, mechanical advantage, work done, Newton’s first law (transformation of energy), Potential energy, Kinetic energy and Pneumatics
  • They will learn real life use of Mathematical concepts – Ratio, angle (of blades to get maximum air movement), surface area etc.
  • They will learn to develop 6 to 8 real life applications such as Click Clock, Wind mill, Hydro power, solar power, Sail boat using gears, pulleys & levers.
  • They will be provided with Lego kits, Pneumatics kits for all the applications

    Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics. – Rodney Brooks