IoT Application Development


  • Basic
  • Advanced

We believe, technology is only a means to solve real problems. We need to apply fundamental science concepts with help of latest technology. Today technologies like IoT, Robotics, 3D Printing and Data Science have impacted our everyday life through many applications. All our courses are integrated with this philosophy.

IoT applications have changed the canvas of our daily life, positively. A lot of day to day activities have become much easier due to IoT applications like app based cab services (Ola, Uber), location based advertising, online maps and directions (Google) and ordering food online (Swiggy). IoT applications are also defining the future of real time treatments in health care.

In this course students will learn fundamental concepts of physics, electronics and programming while building IoT applications. They will learn to use a number of sensors such as, motion, light, sound, temperature and humidity.

They will learn how each of these sensors are designed using the fundamental principles of Physics, for instance, using reflection or refraction of light in a light sensor.


  • Student should able to build complete IoT solution for a real life problem
  • Students will get hands on experience in working with Raspberry Pi and learn a programming language called ‘Python’
  • Students will understand how to work with different sensors and components and how to interface them
  • Students can understand various wireless as well as wired communication protocols



  • Students are going to develop IoT applications using Raspberry Pi, Python programming and various sensors
  • They will learn the basics of Raspberry Pi
  • They will learn the basics of Python programming
  • They will develop 6 to 8 real life applications for home security, agriculture, smart automobile and infrastructure
  • They will be provided with Laptop, Raspberry Pi and sensor kits

IoT could also mean seamless critical and elderly care. – Rajeev Suri