CSR Initiatives

Empowering 1 Million Students by partnering with NGO’s and Educational Trusts, by setting up Innovation Centres for Applied Learning in Government aided schools across India..

Grok Learning CSR Partnerships

Grok has partnered with Shiv Shikshan Sanstha (D S High School, Sion, Mumbai)

Click here to read the complete success story about how our Innovation Lab has transformed their learning. About Shiv Shikshan Sanstha.

Grok learning partnered with Shankar Mahadevan Academy


About Shankar Mahadevan Music Academy.


Grok is focused on enabling government aided and corporation schools with Applied Education to prepare them for the future job opportunities or being the entrepreneur, along with following objectives:

  • Develop strong fundamental Science and Mathematics foundation
  • Create opportunities for students to unleash their creative potential
  • Bridge the gap between industry and academia
  • Expose students to industry knowledge through applied science
  • Develop thinking ability in students to solve complex problems
  • Develop aptitude for innovation in students

Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education through Applied Learning