Unleash the innovative potential of students to become Job Creators and Thought Leaders of tomorrow.

Empowering 1 Million Students by partnering with NGO’s and Educational Trusts, by setting up Innovation Centres for Applied Learning in Government aided schools across India.

A Paradigm Shift to Application Based Learning.

We nurture your child to cultivate an innovative mindset in today’s technology driven world.

Building Fundamental Concepts of Science and Mathematics through Application Based Learning

Real-world challenges are difficult to solve with Knowledge or Skills of a single subject domain. In a technology driven world, solutions for any domain, like healthcare, automotive, construction and tele-communication are developed with the combined expertise of STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics).

We’re Different?

Grok Learning promotes and practices education that is application oriented and innovative.

We use technology only as a means to learn fundamental concepts of science, that are applied in real life.

Every class is an real life application connecting to science.

Special sessions of knowledge share from international university professors.

Industry tours to see real life application of knowledge.

International students collaboration.

Curriculum designed by Industry professionals.

Visitior Feedback

Excellent learning experience. I am speechless. Great….

Dr Nivedita Deshmukh
Advisor- Global Education Akola. School by Sharad Pawar Trust

Good work of students for the development of their minds. I wish all students the best and work towards betterment of the nation. Good Job

Swami Chaitanya
Owner of Shree Vallabh Ashram English Medium School, Sion

All I can say is that my Mind is Blown !!!. This has to be implemented in every school in the country as this is the future if Education !!”

Padmashri Shankar Mahadevan
(Eminent Singer and Music Director)

This is absolutely amazing stuff, children at such a young age are beginning to experiment and implement complex formula with proficiency. I am confident our future is in safe hands. Compliment to the teachers for this initiative.

Rtn. Harjit Singh Talwar
District Governor, Mumbai

Beyond excellence. It’s one of the best platform for the future of all students, Congrats!! To the entire team and all the students and all my best wishes for future.

Sunanda Yewale
Principal, Shree Vallabh Ashram School, Sion, Mumbai

This is a place to give a scientific aptitude to the creativity of the students. The models and their explanation of the scientific concepts in each of this model is fabulous. The students have developed the problem-solving skills of a very high caliber. Excellent innovation seen here. Had seen 3D printer first time in IIT Powai and second time here. Amazing explanation and knowledge displayed by a class and student. All the principles of Physics explained by grade 7 and 8 students so nicely which we study in higher classes. Really appreciate it.

Shubhangi Amonkar
Utpal Shanghi Global School, Juhu Mumbai.

Great Learning. I saw students understand basic well. Best of luck.

V Raghavan

Very good to see young children learning physics and technology and application of technology. Excellent initiative. Wishing you all the best!

Vijay Uttarwar
CEO, Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd

Completely zapped!! Of what students are learning and doing in this innovation lab. Big hand to D S School and Grok Learning for initiating this from this early age. I am sure many innovation and inventions are going to come from the students of DS School.

Dinesh Shringarpure
Life Coach, Mumbai

This is absolutely revolutionary way of explaining the concepts to the kids and make them more practical-oriented, more inquisitive and observant too. I am sure these kids will find solution for many everyday problems. All the very best to everyone involved in this endeavour.

Makrand Joshi
Nagpur - DAV School Secretary

It was really amazing experience seeing the thoughts of children exhibited by them and their creativity level, their spirit etc are so high. My best wishes to the children, teachers and Institution on the aspect of learning. Congratulation and Best Wishes to the Grok team.

Mohan Bhut

Too, Too Good, The children are better equipped than any I have seen in India.

Mr. Ajay Mansukhani
DPS School, Nagpur

I Rajendra Chhapwale,  Really impressive with the working of Robot lab today. I am told this is one of the first in the schools and D.S.School is pioneer in it. All the best

Rtn Rajendra Chhapwale

Completely amazing and brilliant. The understanding of the robotics technology by the students of D.S. High School is indeed praise worthy. May you scale great heights

Sandip Agarwalla
Rotary Club of Bombay

Excellent laboratory, Congratulation to school, teachers and all those associated with this laboratory.

Sham Phadnis
Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown

Simply awesome, happy to see such technology implemented at school level.

Anamika Shrivastav
Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown

Excellent learning process. It was great to see the presentation of the students. They were confident and knew their concept well. Should be done to as many schools as possible for practical knowledge. Good Luck! Privilege to come here.

Jaya Prasad

Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education through Applied Learning

Our Approach

At Grok Learning, we use a 'real life application' based approach for learning. The learning has evolved around fun, interaction collaboration and focused on creating student centric learning experiences.

Central to our approach is our premise that interdisciplinary and progressive learning concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at an early age, help children develop important skills in applying this knowledge to new contexts. We believe in building a strong foundation of science through actual application, rather than memorising.

How we go about it!

Interdisciplinary and Progressive, Industry experts designed curriculum.

Our Courses

Curriculum designed by industry experts ensures that your child learns technology as it is applied in the real world. Our courses also leverage on latest pedagogically developments to ensure that your child has an exceptional and productive learning experience.

Robotics and Automation Applications

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IoT Application Development

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Applications of Data Science & Machine Learning

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3D Printing Applications

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