Teaching Innovation Through Application Based Learning

Getting your child ready for a career in a world driven by innovation.

When was the last time you hailed a taxi by walking over to the local ‘Taxi Stand’?

We don’t do that any more!

Activities like hailing a cab or ordering food have moved from the traditional to a mobile app based system which makes everything easier and better.

This is a direct outcome of innovation with the help of IoT technology.

Being able to innovate, is the key skill that will set your child apart in the competitive world that we live in and the knowledge of current disruptive technologies is an added advantage.

We Build Fundamental Concepts of Science and Mathematics through Application Based Learning

Children learn and retain better when they use concepts, as against learning them theoretically.

As part of our methodology, we teach children the use of math and science concepts and formulae in the development of IoT and Robotics applications, Data Science and 3D Printing.

This compliments the theories they learn in school and makes their fundamentals extremely strong.

We’re Different!

Every class is a real life application connected to science and math.

Live knowledge sharing sessions from world renowned International University Professors.

Industry tours to see how the concepts they learned are currently applied in real life.

Collaboration with International Students on projects.

The course curriculum is designed by Industry Experts.

Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education through Applied Learning

Our Approach

At Grok Learning, we use a ‘real life application’ based approach for learning. The learning has evolved around fun, interaction collaboration and focused on creating student centric learning experiences.

Central to our approach is our premise that interdisciplinary and progressive learning concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at an early age, help children develop important skills in applying this knowledge to new contexts. We believe in building a strong foundation of science through actual application, rather than memorising.

How we go about it!

Interdisciplinary and Progressive, Industry experts designed curriculum.

Our Courses

Curriculum designed by industry experts ensures that your child learns technology as it is applied in the real world. Our courses also leverage on latest pedagogically developments to ensure that your child has an exceptional and productive learning experience.

Robotics and Automation Applications

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IoT Application Development

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Applications of Data Science & Machine Learning

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3D Printing Applications

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