Application Based Learning

Changing the Future of Education in India

Grok Learning is an initiative founded by individuals that are highly passionate about Innovation and Education in India.

With a team thats made up of co-founders of technology companies in Silicon Valley, (California) and India, they bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to the table. Our core team members hold or have held senior executive positions in some of the world’s leading corporations. They are Programmers, they are Creators and they are Artists.

The core objective that binds the team is the zeal of making a positive difference in the future of education in India.

The Grok Learning initiative, aims at making a real world difference, in how we teach and how we connect students with industry, the world of science, technology and art.

Inculcating a Culture of Innovation in the Indian Education Sector

Grok Learning initiatives are helping students across India by

Empowering them to Innovate