About Grok

The economy of the 21st Century is a knowledge economy.

In last 2 decades, our world and our life has changed dramatically by innovation in technology. Starting with computer adoption in early 90’s and then with the internet penetration, use of technology has become the backbone of the growth. The pace of technology change is already pushing the demand for newer skill sets and job roles.

We have seen in recent times how smart homes, healthcare, 3D printing, on demand food services, app based banking, taxi services like OLA and UBER, hospitality services like Air-BNB, OYO have completely disrupted the landscape of traditional businesses.

The coming decade will define the largest workforce transition in the history of mankind. Millions of new jobs are being created in this technology space. Technology literacy, creative mindset and strong analytical skills will have a significant advantage when applying for jobs across virtually all the industries.









Today, unfortunately, the education sector has not been in the forefront of adopting latest technologies.

The new skills that top the demand list are Problem solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Adaptability and Flexibility. Which Degree, Diploma or School education is teaching these skills?

In contrast, Indian engineers and innovators are CEO’s and founders in Silicon Valley of almost every big company. They have played a significant role in building the knowledge economy and created more than trillion-dollar wealth in the global economy in only the last decade.

If Indians are innovating outside and scaling up the global economy, then why it is not possible here in India? This fact has triggered our mission to nurture Indian talent, shape it’s creative mindset to solve our real-life problems by using latest technology.

We need to address 3 problems of our current education system viz.

  1. Theoretical teaching
  2. Industry academia gap
  3. No connect with latest technology

Grok Learning believes and practices education system that is application oriented and innovative. This proven approach will build a creative mindset amongst students at an early age.

Grok Learning has built innovation centres for applied learning using latest technologies as a medium to solve real life problems. Our unique approach blends Industry, teachers and students by giving them exposure of future needs.

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” – Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

What are we trying to Achieve?

Indians in Silicon Valley constitute significant percentage of every top innovative company, who are playing a significant role in building the knowledge economy of the Valley. They are CEO’s, Programmers and Founders. It is evident that Indians play a significant role at Silicon Valley in creating multi trillion-dollar wealth in just the last decade.

If Indians are creating innovation there, then it is possible to do it here as well! This change can only come about if the education system becomes more application oriented which in turn builds that mindset in students at an early age.

Grok Learning is developing innovation centers at aided schools for Applied Learning using latest technologies for standards 6th , 7th , 8th and 9th. Our problem-solving approach using latest technologies is connecting Industry, Teachers and Students to give them the right exposure to be successful in the future.

    “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.“ – Theodore Levitt